Hatching Geese

Steps on Hatching Geese to Have Healthy Geese

hatching geese

Do you have a farm or a big backyard where you want to raise geese in addition to your other poultry animals? Or do you just want to have geese as pets? Either way, geese always make a great addition. Now all you need to do is get started on hatching geese. If you want an instant flock of geese without the hassle of having to buy a gander and a goose, that would take some work on your part, but it's very doable. You could think of it as a little project and at the same time a great investment.

First, gather all the things you will need in hatching geese. You will need broody hens for these procedures. You will also need nesting boxes, warming boxes, feeds for the goslings or any baby chick starters. And of course, you will need goose eggs that have already been fertilized. This is actually the first step in hatching geese. Buy goose eggs from well-known dealer or store. And also, make sure that the eggs you're going to buy are not the edible ones.

The next thing you should do is to prepare the nesting boxes. To make sure that the eggs will be safe, dust them with insect powder. You also need to dust the hens when the eggs are nearly hatched. As for the third step, you will need to turn the eggs for the hens once a day. A single hen can hatch around five eggs, but the eggs will be too big for it to turn by itself.

Hatching geese will also require you to have patience. The eggs will need some time, around 30 to 35 days. As for the next step, you have to make sure that the hens keep on laying the eggs. Allow them off the eggs at least once in a day but make sure that water and food are plenty around them so that they would not wander far from the nests. It is important that the eggs do not cool.

The next step requires you to lightly shower the eggs with tepid water on the last week before they hatch. And on the day before they are about to hatch, immerse the eggs with warm water. You will see them bob a couple of times then put them back into the nest. If an egg has cracked, make sure that you do not let the water get inside it or else the gosling will drown.



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