Feeding Geese

Feeding Geese - As Easy As It May Seem, It Requires Some Precautions

feeding geese

Feeding geese can be an enjoyable habit for you and the entire family. Whether you feed geese at the park or you have your very own flock at your home or at a farm, it is a nice activity. But what you may not realize is, it is important that you feed the geese properly. They need to eat to survive and stay healthy. And so if you are now wondering if you are feeding them properly, here are some known healthy foods for the geese and things you can do for their benefit.

First among the food list is cracked corn. You can find these in feed supply stores and it is cheaper when you purchase them in bigger amounts. You could also feed geese with barley, oats, and wheat. These can also be found in feed supply stores. Feeding geese with wild bird food is also good enough for geese if it is also full of the previously mentioned foods.

Feeding geese, as easy as it may seem, also requires you to take some precautions for their safety as well as for yourself and other people. And one of them is, when it comes to feeding time, throw the feeds spread apart, at least 10 feet apart. If you place the grains too close or in just a single spot, the geese will surely fight. Also, although you may have placed the grains far apart, but they should not be in large piles but scattered all over the ground. The geese will still fight over the piles of feeds.

Another precaution you should observe when feeding geese is about the place where you feed them. Do not feed geese in a place too close to crowded places of people. Feed them in open parts of land. Geese should not get used to people giving out feeds along pathways. This could be dangerous and troublesome. You have to remember that not all people like geese.




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